Online Course: The Business Owner’s Way to Drive Profit


Benefit from powerful business insights and a proven approach to maximizing your profit with my 1-hour education course. You’ll be in good hands with a highly experienced professional business performance expert, who will teach you the essential skills and advanced methodology of Business Performance Improvement (BPI). Develop practical techniques to make the most of your time, unlock hidden potential. Invest in yourself today and improve your bottom line – Enroll now!


If You Want To…   

  • Learn strategies and techniques for improving your profitability
  • Learn to judge your own margins to improve your bottom line
  • Learn how to positively impact your cash flow
  • Understand how to use data to make better decisions
  • Learn how to measure the right information
  • Learn and engage in open discussions with other business owners
  • Gain a deep understanding of the importance of a Business Performance Improvement (BPI) plan
  • Get insights from a real BPI case study

Keep Reading To Learn More About Your Instructor, Prize Performance LLC & The 1 Hour Online Course Offered!

About Your Instructor: Rodger Stephens CPA, CGMA

  • BA Accounting, BA Business Management NCSU
  • Certified Public Accountant CPA
  • Chartered Global Management Accountant CGMA
  • Graduate of the AICPA Business Valuation School
  • 12 yrs. experience managing finance departments
    • St Anthony Publishing, Reuters America
    • Publishing, printing, consulting, telecommunications, media industries
    • Prepared & analyzed financial statements to drive performance
    • Advised management on past and future performance
    • Managed staff and all business systems
  • 12 yrs. experience business performance improvement software industry
    • EdgeMark Systems, Cognos Corporation (Now IBM TM1), Oracle Corporation
    • Showed hundreds of companies how to use business performance improvement software to their best advantage
    • Connected information systems to creatively drive operational and financial performance
    • Formal training, practice and teaching of business performance improvement techniques
  • 11 yrs. experience business valuation and business growth work at Prize Performance LLC
    • Applied all past experience to drive performance for clients
    • Conducted both business growth and business valuation engagements
    • Advise clients on managing their business to their best abilities
  • 16 yrs. experience in a 19.5-acre, high-profile, high value, high complexity, mixed use real estate redevelopment project with a seedling spin-off consultancy
    • Leader to 364 property owners who twice in the last 6 years formally voted to support this project with a vote of greater than 80% support
    • Representing property owners in dealing with developers, county staff and elected officials
    • Considerable contributions to properly structuring the many contracts which make up the entire redevelopment project

About Prize Performance LLC

Prize Performance LLC is a boutique consultancy dedicated to helping you, the business owner, advance your business position in harmony with your own unique reasons why. We do this by investing the time to get to know your business.  With this knowledge, we provide customized services that meet your specific needs, goals, objectives.  Working closely and collaboratively with you, we provide the fact-based insight and proven actionable solutions you need.

With a full complement of hands-on experience in business performance management, finance, accounting, technology and software, operations, business growth strategies, and business management—Prize Performance is uniquely qualified to provide the insight, knowledge, and success strategies you need for:

  • Business Growth
  • Business Valuation
  • Business Education
  • We help you minimize risk and maximize opportunity.
  • Being nimble in today’s marketplace is essential to your success. Through our vast insight, expertise, and tools, we help you Strategize—Plan—Act— Monitor—Adjust.  We empower you to be responsive to changes in the marketplace and new opportunities as they arise.
  • Prize Performance uses proven techniques that deliver results so you can depend on our recommendations and enjoy peace of mind with the informed decisions that you make.
  • We know what works and why. When you work with Prize Performance—you do too.  We make the complex simple to understand and are dedicated to educating you from our first conversation through the conclusion of your project.


Once enrolled, please expect an email within 1 business day to schedule your session. You can be attending within 1-3 business days.

All courses are attended via zoom


Who Should Attend?

Any profit motivated commercial enterprise owner engaged in selling a product or a service to their B2B or B2C customers or clients. Are you interested in fresh ideas and useful efforts for growing profit and cash flow? Whether you are distribution or retail, B2B or B2C, product or service, small/medium/large, you can benefit from attending this course.

Course Objectives:

  • To educate you, the business owner
  • To understand where your BPI time is best spent
  • Using BPI techniques to improve your cash flow
  • Examine and learn from a successful case study
  • Learn the 3 top strategies with the most impact for improving your cash flow
  • Gain creative ideas for your own business performance improvement


What’s Included With Enrollment:

  • 1 Hour Online Group Education Course
  • The course content document is provided to you in .pdf format
  • Ebook for Beginning Investors: Understanding Financial Statements By Rodger R Stephens CPA

1 Hour Course Agenda

  • What can BPI do for you?
  • Can BPI be applied to any business?
  • Review an actual BPI case study
  • Strategies for growth
  • Information systems and the role they play
  • What key information is most important?
  • Strategies & techniques
  • Specifics of how BPI can impact your cash flow
  • Get a framework for judging your own margins
  • Open discussion

Student Limit

This course is limited to 15 students per course date. This is to allow you the time and freedom to get your questions discussed and answered to your satisfaction. Please signup now because once this course is full, registration closes.

Success Adventures

A Home Services Client

  • 387% organic sales growth
  • >387% cash flow growth
  • Both in 3 years

A Services Industry Client

  • 200% sales growth
  • >300% cash flow growth
  • overnight, with an acquisition strategy

Improved ‘00s of business models in a wide variety of industries with BPI

  • Detailed forward driving projections based on business behavior from past performance
  • Projected to overlapping levels of revenue models, cost models, product/service mixes, acquisitions, more
  • Used models to set targets, apply proven techniques and drive growth for each client


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