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Prize Performance LLC is a consulting firm specializing in business growth and business valuation services to privately owned businesses in the United States. We work exclusively with business owners by knowing and growing business health and value.

We choose to do this because your business performance is the main driver of your business valuation and realizing your vision.

An Organic Growth Case Study
A client came to us after 35 years of being in a home services business. Over a time-span of 3 years, we worked together to enhance their operations, and subsequent financial results, causing a premeditated tripling of their sales and turning a near-zero profit into a 20-25% profit margin. The client was ecstatic about a dramatically improved operational and financial outcome, as well as holding higher knowledge about how to run their business.
An Acquisition Case Study
A healthy, profitable client came to us with a same-industry competitor acquisition in mind. We helped this client to evaluate the opportunity, forecast the possible outcome, position for negotiations, and assist in negotiating the terms. Upon completion of the acquisition, the client’s vision became a reality as company revenues, profit and cash flow doubled immediately as expected with no loss of customers in the transition. The client was delighted at the outcome and reset higher goals for using the cash flow to her benefit.
A Valuation Case Study
A client came to us to plan their retirement exit by visioning a company ownership transition 5 to 10 years into the future. They are in a rapidly growing professional education certification market with pricing power, stratospheric company performance metrics, and a highly motivated and committed client community. We helped them to understand their current business value, and to forecast their future business value upon exit several years into the future using our business condition assessment report and our expertise. We not only provided these valuations, we also provided them with direction on the single key area enabling envisioned future growth. The valuation forecast indicated a dramatic increase in valuation which would take place when these barriers within this single key area are overcome. The client expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the position we put them into and became highly motivated to overcome the barriers identified.
A Unique Valuation Case Study
A client came to us from the retail sales of specialty and high-end tools industry. They were unique in their business model which required their company to hold both high expertise and continual pleasing of their key suppliers who offered a unique and specially protected sales channel to them. They did not compete with normal retail sales tools stores.

We performed a business condition assessment for the purpose of putting the company up for sale. In our business assessment report, we highlighted many unique features of the company which supported a higher valuation than average. These features included near-exclusivity of market territory, pricing protections, certifications and authorized reseller in good standing status, and the long-term relationships of company representatives with both repeat customers and vendors. Some of their most important vendors retained the right to give or revoke their authorized reseller status at any time and the company retained these relationships for many years. After we issued our report, the company was successfully sold. We also provided our objective written opinion of the company’s qualification for personal goodwill status which offered the client a strategy to shift some of the transaction proceeds from the tax burden from ordinary taxable income, taxed at a 38% tax rate, to long term capital gains income, taxed at a 15% tax rate, saving a large amount of capital for the client. The client was very pleased to exit the company and retain as much capital as possible using our assistance.

About Business Performance Management Methodology
We use a formal methodology called Business Performance Management for your business growth engagement. This allows the management of any business to use past and current business information to drive the fulfillment of a future vision. This may be operational, financial or both. All contribute to the improved performance and value of any company. This methodology may be applied to an entire company in a holistic manner such as all departments, or to a limited number of specific departments within a company.

You may also have heard of synonyms for this methodology such as Enterprise Performance Management, Corporate Performance Management or Performance Management.

Our Experience

Our experience involves 250+ clients over the last 30+ years. For each client, we’ve provided solid progress, each in their own way, which puts each one on a firm footing of knowing their past and driving their future.

Managing Partner

Rodger Stephens, CPA, CGMA

Mr. Stephens, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), began his experience at St Anthony Publishing and Reuters America where he managed the finance department in two different companies operating in five different industries. Mr. Stephens, an expert in Business Performance Management techniques, provided management with reporting, analysis, and valuable guidance.

Later in Mr. Stephens' career, he gained experience at EdgeMark Systems, Cognos Corporation, and The Oracle Corporation where he continued to train and practice Business Performance Management techniques through classroom education, training, and client work. Mr. Stephens accumulated tremendous experience by working with hundreds of US-based client companies, both public and private. Leveraging Cognos Enterprise Planning software, Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Planning software, business intelligence, accounting, dashboards, scorecards, and other useful decision information systems, he was able to increase his client's ability to drive company performance.

Since 2012, Mr. Stephens leads Prize Performance LLC as its Managing Partner. By applying his 30+ years of experience in Business Performance Management methodology, he helps business owners measure and grow their company health and value. Mr. Stephens continues to help clients increase confidence, lower their risk, and brighten their company's future outlook.

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