Profit Seeking Scenario Builder

Profit Seeking Scenario Builder
  • Description

The purpose of the template is to:

  • Give you instant, accurate targets to achieve your desired profit
  • Allow you to communicate profitable targets to your organization
  • Drive profitable growth for your future


Why this is important:

  • Without knowing what’s profitable, it’s impossible to set profitable targets
  • Without knowing accurately what sales goals result in what measured profit, your profit is unattainable
  • Setting measureable goals in your organization is a proven solution to driving sales and profits
  • Play scenarios to drive your business forward profitably


How it Works:

  • Enter your last year’s profit and loss summary figures
  • Enter your price list
  • Enter your desired profit for each scenario
  • Each scenario calculations are automatic and driven by your current profit and loss figures to display projected profit and loss figures
  • Each scenario allows for your own sales seasonality patterns
  • Instantly see your targets for each scenario:

    • Sales dollars
    • Sales units
    • By month
    • By year

What you Get:

An Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) with up to 5 ready-to-use scenarios