Profit and Loss Breakeven Template

Profit and Loss Breakeven Template
  • Description

This is a profit and loss breakeven template intended for service oriented companies.

The purpose of this template is to:

  • Alert you, the business owner, to unfavorable conditions, IN ADVANCE
  • To show you how many customers you need before you make a profit
  • To know how much profit you make on each customer

Why is this important:

  • You can avoid unfavorable conditions before they happen
  • You can set profitable targets for acquiring new customers
  • Know your profit long before you see your financial statements

How it works:

  • Enter your key figures from last year's profit and loss
  • See automatic calculations telling you your breakeven
  • Enter your targeted customers for the coming year
  • See automatic calculations indicating your anticipated profit and loss

What You Get

A simple to use Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) with instructions.