A Job Costing and Job Estimating Template

A Job Costing and Job Estimating Template
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This is a Job Costing and Job Estimating Template

Many companies who plan to bid and win projects need to know and understand very clearly what profit is inside each bid. Bid too low and you have no profit or a loss. Bid to high and you may not win the bid. This document is intended to provide you with an automated way of estimating a job.

This template is intended for any company that bid and deliver jobs requiring less than a year to complete using labor and materials.

You can use this model job costing and job estimating template to prepare your highest and lowest bid figures for a job. This will prepare you for your upper and lower limits of your bidding.

This is a cost up model. This means you enter your costs, enter your desired highest and lowest profit margins, and your sales prices are automatically calculated.

Cost components in this model include:

  • Labor by job stage, by position and with rate
  • Materials
  • Outside Services
  • Other costs

When it comes to estimating,  you'll want to remove any errors in bidding as these can be costly. If you are preparing bids today thinking a 30% markup on your costs results in a 30% profit margin, then absolutely, you need this template because you are not getting the margins you want.

This is an Excel file (.xlsx)