Construction Company Profit and Loss Projection

Construction Company Profit and Loss Projection
  • Description

This is a ready-to-use construction company profit and loss projection template.

It is intended for any company that provides construction services involving labor, materials, equipment rentals and debris handling.

  • Services revenue is based upon previous year's number of customers and average revenue per customer with allowance for adjustments.
  • Other revenue is automatically calculated based upon previous year's annual percentage of revenue with allowance for adjustments.
  • Cost of goods sold line items, other than labor, is calculated as a percentage of the matching line item revenue.
  • Labor is calculated based on a schedule of both hourly and weekly salary.
  • Labor is also separated between office staff and project staff

This template could save you the several hours it takes you to build it. It could also help you to drive more jobs, and higher priced jobs, in future years.

What You Get

An excel file .xlsx