Prize Performance offers you access to any of our highly qualified professionals ready to provide you with business assistance in many ways even if we are not together in person.


Here are ways to get assistance from Prize Performance by telephone at your convenience.


Call Our Office Telephone

You may reach us on our office telephone at 571-303-9152 any time to ask questions, make appointments, get familiar or for any other reason you wish. We will assist in any way we can without charge.


We encourage you to call us on this number so you can judge for yourself the value you may get from using our toll line service.


Once you get familiar with our staff, resources and expert assistance, you may want to call us on our toll line, described below, on an as-needed basis to help your business grow or to resolve your business challenges.


Online Appointment Scheduling and Toll Call

Are you wrestling with challenging and important business questions such as these and need fast answers from a highly qualified expert?

  • How can I generate higher quality leads?
  • How can I increase my sales close rate?
  • How can I sell more products and services to my existing customers?
  • How can I lower a nagging, yet escalating expense?
  • Should I do my payroll in house or outsource it?
  • Is my company structure right?
  • And many more questions like these…

Prize Performance offers a telephone toll line for business owners who are too busy to schedule and attend appointments in person or may be unable to travel into the DC Metropolitan area.

We have experts in marketing, sales, operations and management. Our experts have personally served many different industries in the United States and Europe. Our experts are available to resolve your business challenge quickly.

If you would like to make a toll call to get an expert to provide you with business assistance, please click on the TOLL CALL button to schedule an appointment to get started. We can easily schedule your appointment in about 1-2 days and be talking about your issues within 2-5 days.

Here's the convenience for you:

  • Get valuable, expert advice fast
  • Easy to schedule
  • Easy to attend
  • No traveling
  • No in-person meetings
  • Private and confidential
  • No sales pitches/Only solutions



How it works

The Toll Call button above takes you to the Prize Performance LLC service on the Clarity website. Clarity is an online advice portal. Once you get there, these same instructions are provided. Here's how this system works to your convenience:


1) Schedule your call

Click on the button to schedule your call. Select 3 dates and times that best work for you. Please specify a reason for the call so we can have the right expert on your topic ready to receive your call. We'll confirm one of the three dates within 24 hours.

2) Get a confirmation email

You will receive a confirmation email with a conference call phone number and access code provided. Please block out your calendar and prepare your questions to cover in the call. Please email, in advance, financial statements the prior year. Financial statements needed are Balance sheet, Income statement and Statement of Cash Flow. Feel free to invite up to 8 others from your team!

3) Connect, talk and pay

When your appointment arrives, call the conference line provided in your confirmation email. The charges are $4.17 per-minute and will be measured by the duration of the call. We encourage you to leave a rating and review.


Not Sure?


Please browse our website, read more, or call us on our office line at 571-303-9152 and talk about our qualifications and what we can do for you. You'll be glad you did!

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