Risk-reward-500x333Prize Performance LLC offers you a fee for performance policy for comprehensive business growth services


Prize Performance LLC is highly experienced and greatly confident in our abilities to grow your business. Because of this, we are pleased to provide a fee for performance policy. This policy eliminates your risk of paying a fee without a corresponding reward of business growth.


Here’s how the fee for performance policy works:


Prize Performance LLC begins by applying a thinking and planning strategy to your business. To do this, we assess your current business conditions to think and plan a custom-to-you growth plan. For this limited thinking and planning work, we charge a fixed fee. This fee is needed to best understand the true condition of your business before we can commit resources to growing your business. From this understanding, we craft a custom-to-you growth plan and evaluate your growth outlook. If we are unable to grow your business for any reason, we will be honest with you, thank you, and end our engagement at that time, as together, we will not find the growth we are looking for. The thinking and planning work is very small relative to the future work of implementing this growth plan.


If our custom-to-you growth plan projections say your growth outlook is achievable, we will advise you on this growth outlook and with your approval, begin the actual “doing” the work by beginning the implementation of your growth plan.


For the implementation of the custom-to-you growth plan, our fee is different than the assessment work. We offer you far greater value than what we ask for a fee. Our implementation fee is guaranteed to be a fraction of your growth gains. Prize Performance LLC further guarantees to make our fee contingent upon actually exceeding your custom-to-you growth plan. If we fall short of your monthly sales goals on any particular month, you owe us no fee for the month of the shortfall. The growth plan implementation continues forward until your growth exceeds our plans in the following months.


This guarantee only applies to comprehensive business growth services from Prize Performance LLC. It does not apply to individually or partially packaged services such as marketing services, sales services, operations services, business plan services or any less than comprehensive services.

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