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Prize Performance Business Acquisition

One of the growth strategies available to any business owner is to acquire another business. Successful acquisitions often require representation by experienced consultants such as Prize Performance. Prize Performance can provide you with acquisition consulting that can grow your business rapidly and suddenly.


Growth through acquisition is a unique process for many businesses. You may have very specific reasons why an acquisition works for your business. Prize Performance will work with you to identify, in detail, the acquisition opportunity, identify the whole or parts of an acquisition that are best for your company and to negotiate the acquisition on your behalf. Following the acquisition, Prize Performance may provide analysis to evaluate your company’s performance in acquisition skills.


One acquisition strategy includes purchasing a competitor with matching offerings. This strategy usually results in a larger build of your customer base and forces your company to increase productivity by serving a larger customer base.


Another acquisition strategy is purchasing a company with similar but complementary offerings to extend your own service offerings. This can be challenging, but also rewarding. It is challenging because your company takes on new services, skills, and customers. Management needs to shift their perspective for operating new lines of business. Overcoming this risk successfully can present you with far greater revenues because you can now serve the same customer with more of your offerings.


Other creative strategies are always possible.


Prize Performance may recommend outside companies, where necessary, to assist in an acquisition. This may include legal services, tax, business valuation services and other services as needed.


Prize Performance would work with you to determine the exact scope of services needed for any acquisition before you engage us.


What can Prize Performance do for acquisition services?


  • Identifying your ideal business acquisition
  • Learn your current business operations and business model
  • Learn your acquisition business operations and business model
  • Model and forecast the impact of acquisition upon your business
  • Identify the acquisition parts (or whole) for purchase
  • Prepare a transition plan for post-acquisition activity
  • Assist in preparing your purchase offer and negotiations
  • Provide post acquisition analysis of company acquisition performance


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