Business Decision System from Tableau Software

Prize Performance LLC is now offering our clients a better business decision system using visual, and interactive dashboard and analysis technology from Tableau Software.

This may mean a faster pathway for you to grow your business such as gaining greater sales, lowering costs, generating more leads, gaining more clients, and much, much more.

US Map Sales Cost Profit

Prize Performance LLC has done this over and over again, in many industries, over the last 20 years, using technology such as Oracle Business Intelligence and Cognos Business Intelligence. Today's technology and cloud based applications are making this simpler, lower cost and more rapid time to success.

Prize Performance LLC recognizes that Tableau Software is a strategic way to achieving your business growth faster!

Tableau can be flexibly used for any sized company and any industry. Implementations are fast, easy, and relatively low cost. The results can have a powerfully positive effect on the performance of your company.

Here is a video of what Tableau Software can offer you:

Our offer to you is simple.

If you would like to be in our inaugural class of Tableau Software implementation clients, please contact us right away!

Prize Performance LLC may extend to you a specially priced, custom-to-you introductory offer that includes some or all of the following services to implement Tableau Software:

  • Custom design data views to your needs
  • Setup and rollout of Tableau Software data views
    • For management members of your choice
    • For departments members of your choice
    • For any other staff of your choice
  • Provide business performance expert interpretation of your information
  • Assist you in developing and implementing strategies resulting from this analysis

If you are interested in evaluating how you could use Tableau Software to make your business decision system work for you, then:

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