Why A Consultant Makes Your Career Better

Why A Consultant Makes Your Career Better

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If you’d like to see the inside of the management consulting industry and how they are expertly skilled at preserving your leadership and credibility while solving your business issues, then keep reading.


If you are a business owner, CEO or business leader, often times a business issue can be something of a thorn in your side that escapes your ability to fix it. When this happens, fears and concerns about your future career can overwhelm you. Don’t let that happen. You have options. One of the options available to you is to hire a consultant to fix your business issue. But wait! That may open a whole new set of fears and concerns.


Common Concerns to Hiring a Consultant

Experienced consultants see, hear and work with every concern imaginable by business leaders. The most common concerns are summarized here:


  • I can’t get control of a issue, so I’m embarrassed to hire someone who can
    • This means I’m not seen as being in control
    • This means I’m seen as incompetent or unsuccessful
    • This means negative information will leak out
    • This means I am unable to solve it myself
  • If I hire someone to fix it, the issue may get worse


Experienced Consultants Are Highly Aware of These Concerns

Experienced consultants are highly aware their presence in any business presents risks to the credibility and leadership of any management members. Good consultants understand they are there to address a business issue and not to create any new or unnecessary business issues for management. This means good consultants are aware of many things above and beyond the technical aspects of a business model and the issues within it. This often involves the company culture, and interpersonal nuances happening between the management, the employees, the customers and the vendors. Moreover, they will commit to you to support your business at all times to ensure continuity of the styles and relationships that benefit the company so well.



Communication Is Highly Important

For a good consultant to address these management concerns, they communicate clearly with management, in advance, about the consultant’s agenda, plans and their desired outcome so that management understands what the consultant is doing inside their organization and agrees to share or not share the sensitive information you may be concerned about. Sharing of concerns by management and adjusting plans by the consultant to meet the concerns is a common occurrence that should be expected by company managers.




On Being In Control

As a company leader, if you are experiencing a business issue that escapes your many attempts to correct it, you have two options. First, you can continue to try, unsuccessfully, to use your skills (or team skills) to readdress an issue putting you in a state of perpetual lack of control. Second, you can hire a consultant experienced with the issue to correct it for you. While you may see this as losing control, you may want to rethink that loss of control because if you correct the issue with a consultant who knows how, you have ended the business issue and the embarrassing condition of the perpetual lack of control. Now you understand more about the now-past-issue thanks to a hindsight view and education from the consultant. Yes, this issue is solved. You’ve also gained a stronger skill from the experience. Guess what? You are back in control!


Executive Summary

Sometimes, business requires you to call a consultant to address issues. Be smart about it:


  • Experienced consultants are highly aware of the many common concerns
  • You need to communicate your specific concerns and adapt the work plan to address your concerns
  • Your consequences of not hiring a consultant may mean a perpetual lack of control and a persistent business issue.


I invite you to contact me if you have questions!


Rodger Stephens, CPA, CGMA

CEO, Prize Performance LLC

Rodger Stephens, CPA, CGMA is CEO of Prize Performance LLC. Prize Performance LLC is a consulting firm specializing in accelerating business performance for small to medium sized service businesses. 


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