The Prize Performance Team

Rodger Stephens CPA, CGMA

Rodger Stephens CPA, CGMA

In the early years of my 30-year career so far, I managed finance departments in two different corporations spanning five different industries – publishing, printing, consulting, media and telecommunications. These two companies, my early employers, were St Anthony Publishing and Reuters America. At these employers, I managed the finance departments. This means I prepared all the information about the company’s performance and advised the management and ownership on their options for assessing and improving their performance. In addition, I managed a staff, administered payroll, managed the various business systems the company needs to function, dealt with customers and vendors, managed executive expectations of future business performance and more. After this work, during my next set of career years, I formally trained and practiced business performance management techniques as an employee of EdgeMark Systems, Cognos Corporation and The Oracle Corporation. Here I provided software and business systems for teaching and implementing successful Business Performance Management for hundreds of medium and large companies both public and private. At these employers, using their Enterprise Performance Management software, I provided the software and my knowledge to clients, driving better business for them. At Cognos, the software was the Cognos Enterprise Planning Suite. At Oracle, this was the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Planning Suite. Since 2012, I’m running Prize Performance LLC doing this same business performance management work. During all of these 30+ years, some clients saw 200-300% sales increases in 1-3 years of time, some clients adjusted business models to save $1M-$2M per year in unnecessary expenses, others created new and profitable business models and/or lines of business to grow company value for shareholders. Other clients desired to buy or sell companies as a strategy to grow and needed my assistance to do it. Of course, I’ve got many more client examples to tell you about.

Understanding Financial Statements by Rodger Stephens

Mr. Stephens, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), He is also a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). This credential is awarded by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). He is author of the book For Beginning Investors: Understanding Financial Statements. Mr. Stephens served as Treasurer for the Board of Directors of Living Legends of Alexandria, and serves on three committees for a large community association: The Budget Committee, the Replacement Reserve Committee and the Redevelopment Committee. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from North Carolina State University. Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Mr. Stephens has been a resident of Alexandria, Virginia for the past 28 years.



Eric Byrd

Eric Byrd

Mr. Byrd comes from a background of successfully selling high end video production equipment to television stations and other video production operations with a client list including Cisco, NATO, British Telecom and others. He now offers you a more effective company team through sales process understanding and improvements. He also provides communication skills training for any of your team members including sales team members. Mr Byrd brings an ease to the conversations, presentations and  your team members has with your customers. This comes from adapting big business strategic tools in a simple, easy to understand process applied to small and medium busi

Mr. Byrd teaches you and your team how to communicate more effectively in a noisy, crowded business world. Communicating is more important than ever as a professional. Whether it is when you are networking, giving a presentation or in a sales situation knowing what to say and how to say it can make the difference between success and failure.

Mr. Byrd is also an adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College.


Simon Turner

Simon Turner

Mr. Turner is the marketing expert in the Prize Performance skillset.

With a career in strategic development, sales, marketing and executive management, sitting on top of an engineering degree, Mr. Turner has the ability to make the complex seem simple — “clarity and focus are the key to results”.

Additionally, he has over 20 years of global commercial experience, supplying products and services into demanding markets including: pneumatics, fluid control, medical devices, semiconductor, packaging, automotive, rail, truck, printing and others.
Mr. Turner held several director positions at UK-based IMI plc, a billion-dollar multinational, including global strategic planning and market segmentation roles.

He led product management and business development teams in Europe before being recruited to head marketing, sales, product management, customer service, and key account teams at Norgren, Inc., headquartered in Littleton, Colorado.


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